Top ten Monsoon Destinations for Photography

Gypsy Backpacker

 Monsoons present a plethora of opportunities for photographers. The nature during monsoon looks beautiful due to awesome colors & sharpness as the dust settles down. But taking photographs in monsoons or rain is something not every photographer wants to do. This season we give you to 10 reasons to go out and shoot in Monsoon….

10. Jog Falls.

India’s tallest waterfall is best seen in the monsoon. Fog and rains play with the views of the waterfall. The waterfall is reduced to a trickle for most of the year, but if there are some good rains, return to its glory in the monsoons.

09. Shoja

Just 69 kilometers from Kullu and 5 km from the Jalori Pass lies the breathtakingly beautiful yet undiscovered Shoja in Himachal Pradesh. It`s a great place to chase away the monsoon blues. Unending slopes of emerald forests, thickly wooded mountainside, snow-clad Himalayan ranges in…

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