What is [Empire Avenue] – Their Story #EAv-Blogathon

What is [Empire Avenue] – Their Story #EAv-Blogathon.

The audience economy #EAv-Blogathon

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We’re all becoming publishers. Brands are publishers. Agencies are publishers. Publishers are evolving too. They’re no longer the gatekeeper between what gets written and what gets read, broadcast or played. Today’s publishers are tasked with finding an audience for what’s been created and, of course, making money from that.

I think this is a good thing. This means that it is the audience that is important. This means that quality bar gets pushed ever upwards as brands and creators compete against one another for the attention of a time starved audience. Don’t believe me? Upworthy have found that the branded content they run is more professional and better written than their regular editorial


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Apple co-Founder Threatens To Leave Facebook Over Data Ownership Concerns

Empire Avenue and Social Media Missions #EAv-blogathon

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Over the past year I’ve become more involved over at Empire Avenue. For those who don’t know Empire Avenue (or just EA to it’s players) is a social media stock market game. It operates similar to a stock market except that instead of investing in a company, you’re investing in other players to build your portfolio. Instead of using dollars, you use ‘EAVs’ (which is EA’s virtual currency). Like in the stock market, you receive dividends from your investments. The dividends an investment makes is based on their social media activity. In addition to a persons social media activity, one way to really rock out on EA is by running missions. You can use missions to help drive up your share price, engage with other users, share content from outside EA that you’ve produced or even things you just really like from around the Internet.


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The Ultimate Social Tool – An Empire Avenue Guide for Beginners #EAv-Blogathon

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I had read about Empire Avenue but hadn’t tried it until a week ago, and now that I have, I wish I had signed up earlier. We all know how important social media is, but it has become considerably difficult to use effectively without spending a lot of time, and in some cases, money. Regardless, whether you’re a blogger, content developer, writer or marketer, you cannot afford to ignore social activity, connections and engagement, which is where Empire Avenue comes in.


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Announcing EAV Blog-a-thon July 25-27 & Share-a-thon with voting August 1-3

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Up to 20 million eaves in individual prizes and giveaways! Total to be given away/won 100,000,000 eaves!!!

You don’t have to be a blogger to join in the fun. Help your favorite blogs by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more! Special prizes for active sharers and influencers, as well! (And watch for news about how you can use the events to share other content, too.)  


1. You must be the author.  

2. No duplicate entries will be considered.

3. Blog entries should include discussion of one or more of the following themes:

a) EAV missions give you the ability to achieve greater reach for the ‘dollar’ (eaves) and a greater audience for your content.

b) EAV’s detailed analytics, gives you a fun and easy way to spot what’s working – and what’s not.  

c)  EAV helps you connect with social media…

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Empire Avenue, a Social Experiment


The activity on Empire Avenue resembles the stock market, but Wall Street does not have recreational investment games on the weekends. I like the Avenue because it allows me to meet and find new people writing all kinds of great content. The games are intended to socially introduce the members to each other in a non competitive way. Embedded treasure hunts are followed at your own pace. Reward bucks and accomplishment badges are the prizes given for participation, but the true reward is the exposure to the other players.  One way I learn about the other players is by completing missions, for which I am paid in Empire bucks.   This straightforward approach is better, in my opinion, than all the quid pro quo schemes I have seen in LinkedIn (like my page and I will like yours).  As any investor wants his stock to increase in value, so on…

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